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Whisper Sunday School Update 2

Good morning (or afternoon or evening… depending on when are you reading this 😊 )

Last Sunday during Sunday School class, we reviewed Chapter 7 of Mark Batterson’s book, Whisper. We shared about times when God has closed doors in our lives and how (in retrospect) we can give thanks for that!

However, other times we live in constant regret of the choices we made in our past. There may be many lessons that we can review and decisions we can learn from, but God’s desire is not for us to get stuck there. If you are stuck in regret, a good spiritual step can be to talk about it with a pastor or someone who is mature in his/her faith and who you can trust. This step can open the door for you to be heard, prayed for, comforted, and even healed.

One key component of our walk with Jesus is TRUST. Without trust we cannot follow him. But trusting in God does not signify a journey of reckless moves that are meant to make us suffer, but rather a journey of love and care for us. He calls us from the erroneous places where we are putting our trust, and asks us to trust him.

Mark Batterson gives a series of tests to discern the will of God. These tests would be really helpful for us to put into practice and grow in our faith. If you missed them, they are on pages 100-102.

I would love to hear how the Lord is encouraging you and helping you to grow through this study. Would you take a few minutes today to write back and share something? Here is the link.

Next week we will be discussing Chapter 8: Dreams.

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