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Covid-19 Update for the Yellow Phase

Dear Emporium Alliance Church and friends:

As our county enters into the yellow phase, we are reminded that although this is better than red phase, it is not equal to “going back to normal.”  We are reminded to walk with precaution.

As the new guidelines are implemented for our county, together with the elders we have decided to move along carefully. Yet, we also know how much we are all longing for fellowship.

· As for now we will continue our Sunday services online. 

· Small groups under 25 people have freedom to move with ease into their gatherings, but keeping in mind that social distancing and wearing masks is highly encouraged, out of love for one another. Each group has the freedom to schedule as needed.

· The only area open for gatherings at the church will be the fellowship hall.  After every meeting, the area will be properly cleaned according to the CDC guidelines. In the case that it is desired for a small group meeting space, scheduling ahead of time is needed.

· Doors will be opened to meet in the fellowship hall for prayer meeting as well.

· We encourage everyone to take part in the life of a small group.  If you do not belong to a small group, know that the invitation is always open.  If your group starts to meet, but you do not yet feel comfortable to go out, know that we all understand.  This time is full of stress, and we do not want to add to it but rather provide spaces that are life giving and encouraging.  Psalm 34:14 reminds us to “Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it.”

· We love you and keep on praying for you.

· Do not forget to smile and enjoy the small things in life.

Pastor Lionel

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